Our customers are the largest and best-known chamomile packers and extractors nationwide.

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In 2014 we resumed an investment project, which originally began in the 1980s, collaborating with a Croatian company that has been our partner for more than 40 years.

The Croatian region of Podravina, famous for the cultivation of chamomile, extends close to the border with Hungary for a length of about 100 km and a width of about 50 km. Here, also thanks to the soil, chamomile has a sweeter taste than the one coming from other areas, which has a more bitter taste.

Thanks to the particular geographical position of the fields, our chamomile does not need neither fertilizers nor pesticides during the growth cycle, which guarantees a high quality. The sowing takes place in September, while the harvest takes place in May and June.

We started with the sowing of chamomile on an area of 65 hectares, to reach the current 2,000 hectares. These fields had been abandoned for years, therefore free from pesticides and other preparations used for the cultivation of products such as corn etc.

Eighteen new dryers have been installed, dedicated exclusively to drying chamomile and no other products such as tobacco etc.

To process the dried chamomile, we have a completely new closed system, which starts with the cutting of the stem, continues with the elimination of all impurities such us sand, insects or any metals by using magnets, fans and sieves, and ends with the separation of the sieved part from the rest, organizing the packaging in cartons as regards the flower and in kraft bags as regards the sieved chamomile.

The new crop begins to be available in the middle of June.

Our customers are the largest and best-known chamomile packers and extractors nationwide.

We process and package various components of the precious plant: the flower head – flower, delivered without stem and therefore considered pure flower head; the sifted; grass or esbo; the whole grass; the ligule; the fine cut; chamomile hay and chamomile hay in pellets.

“Chamomile has been used as an herbal remedy since the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, in 500 BC. “

Chamomile Products


It is packaged in 12 kg cartons and is considered the most precious part of the plant. It is used in herbal medicine, in pharmaceuticals, in the kitchen for the preparation of herbal teas and for hundreds of other uses.


The product derives from the processing of the chamomile flower and it is the yellow part of it. The seed also derives from the flower, which is harvested at the end of the season and set aside for September sowing.
The product is very valuable as it derives from the pure flower, which after various processing with specific sieves, turns out to be devoid of parts of the stem or other parts of the flower.
It is packaged by some Italian industries that are particularly attentive to quality and use it for infusion sachets.
It is packaged in 11 -13 kg kraft paper bags.


It is the top 30 cm of the chamomile plant, which has undergone a first processing on the cutters in order to divide the pure-head flower from the rest of the stem, of which about 15-18% remains after processing.
This product is mainly used for steam distillation or for the extraction of oil for cosmetic, aromatic and other uses.
It is packaged in 8 – 9 kg PP bags.


It is similar to standard herb chamomile, but without flower separation. It is more valuable because it is not deprived of the flower. It is used for extraction, resulting in a high content of essences and oil.
It is packaged in pp bags of 16-18 kg.

(from 1 to 8 mm)

It is mainly used for the packaging of sachets.
The tops are shredded with special cutters, in the formats desired by the customers.


It is the white petal of the chamomile flower. It is mainly used in herbal medicine and in the extraction industry.
Packaged in kraft paper bags.


It’s the whole plant, left after the harvesting of the tops of the same. However, it also contains a small percentage of flowers.
The plant is cut in the classic hay harvesting method and is not dried in the dryers like the tops, but in the field. The subsequent packing also follows the common hay packing techniques.
It can be used both for animal feed and for shredding and subsequent reuse for different purposes.


They are produced with chamomile hay and are mainly intended for animal nutrition.

Other Products


Juniper has always been used for its countless properties.
The product is harvested by hand, dried, deprived of residues and broken berries and selected according to the size requested by the customer.


Blueberry is a fruit full of anti-oxidants and suitable for multiple uses.
It is collected and dried in order to preserve its properties.


Mushrooms come in different types.
We can offer different types of processing such as dried, frozen, pickled


The raw rice is sold in big bags, ready to be processed.

Chamomile News

The Company imports directly from the producers, with whom it has been collaborating for more than thirty-five years, who organize the harvest of the product directly at the source and process it with the latest generation machinery.


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